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The Food at El Cielo de Urrechu

F Faithful to the Basque and Mediterranean culinary style but with its own special touch that elevates food to an exceptional standard. A gastronomic reference of the highest level in Madrid found on the top floor of the Zielo Shopping Pozuelo Shopping Centre in Pozuelo de Alarcón.

Our restaurant has an extensive menu on which you can find Mediterranean classics that never fail to impress, such as 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham or cured cheese from the best denominations of origin.

Our restaurant offers food at the forefront of Basque and traditional gastronomy. Our daily quest is to find the very best of everything for our restaurant including the best fresh produce. This means that you can enjoy a perfect blend of traditional haute cuisine along with the appeal of being in a unique surrounding in Madrid.

Between Passion, El Cielo and Madrid

O Our philosophy brings together the three basic principles of passion, work and respect in everything that we do. This ranges from the quality of the products that we offer and the stunning setting, to the service given by our experienced team.

We follow a very basic philosophy that allows our customers to enjoy a perfectly tuned experience.

A gastronomic setting in which you can experience the simplicity and grandeur of the produce given to us by Mother Nature; from the land and sky, to fish and meat from the seas and mountains.

All of our values brought together, such as being constantly at the service of our guests, combined with the elegance and simplicity of the setting, the display cabinets, the views and gastronomy’s most splendid jewels, means that each customer has an experience that is almost dreamlike, flawless, discreet and elegant.

The most impressive views of the Madrid skyline

E El Cielo de Urrechu is the best kept secret in Madrid. With a unique atmosphere and panoramic views, the city’s most iconic sites become part of the restaurant’s decoration.

Visual and gastronomic delight are beautifully brought together to awaken the senses. A combination of excellence, quality and consistently fresh produce, coupled with modern techniques and touches of avant-garde cuisine.

We provide complete sensory experiences and with our close, personal and friendly service, we create a comfortable atmosphere for all of our customers to enjoy.

A place to Contemplate and Admire, from El Cielo

Our haute cuisine creations, fine wines and the very best cocktails